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Tokyo, Japan has the largest metropolitan economy in the world! If your looking big, come visit Tokyo, it is the seat of the Japanese Government + the Imperial palace, the home of the imperial family. Tokyo was originally known as Edo meaning estuary, Tokyo was originally a small fishing village. There are many sites to see in Tokyo including the Ogasawara National park. Tokyo's population is over 8 million! That's a lot of people to see, you wonder how they all get around? Mainly by train transportation, Tokyo's trains are efficient, advanced, and doesn't burn all the harmful chemicals that get released into the atmosphere. Tokyo is a great place to visit, so when your feeling big and want to travel big, stop by and say what up Tokyo.
Relative Location- Eastern side of the island Honshu
Population- 12.8 million
Land area- 621.8-km squared
GDP- $1.191 trillion
Major river and nearby bodies of water- ?
Form of Government- ?
Language- Japanese

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